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Stop the frustration of your property problems today!

We understand life gets tough sometimes and unexpected life events happen putting us in a difficult financial situation. Perhaps you are currently in a corner with no way-out insight. What if there was a way out and all you need is some options to bring you clarity. Waiting around and not acting fast on your problem can hurt you more than it can alleviate your situation. It does not matter what condition your house is in or the situation you are facing with your property. Here at Simple Solution Home Buyer, there is no such thing as a “BIG” problem. We bring only solutions to the table.

Some Common Situations:

  • Owe More Than The House is Worth

  • On the Brink of Foreclosure or Bankruptcy

  • Behind on Property Taxes

  • Avoiding Auction

  • Behind on Mortgage

  • Code Violations

  • Need Quick Cash

  • Need to Close Fast

  • Accumulated Too Much Debt

  • Property Needs Many Repairs

  • Bad Tenants or Neighbors

  • Inherited Property

  • Probate

  • Retiring

  • Unexpected Life Events

  • Fire or Water Damage

  • Too Many Medical Bills or Legal Fees

  • Death in the Family

  • Going Through a Divorce

  • Relocating for Work or School

Do you have a house in Southern California or in St. Louis that you need to sell fast? Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners in need of a quick solution to their unwanted house problems.

There is no obligation or commitment when speaking with us. Tell us your situation, we will offer fair and honest solutions, and you decide what you want to do. You won’t regret giving us a call. We can help!

CLICK on your area BELOW so you can learn more about what we can do for you. Do NOT wait any longer! No obligation. No hassle. No fees. No commissions to work with us. We are not Realtors, we are Home Buyers!



We proudly serve homeowners in Southern California! Call us (951) 366-0966 today!


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